Niuniu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

Niuniu amusement Co., Ltd is start from ground. Nothing can compare with our effort to make where we are today. As a playground manufacturer, our mission is to contribute our work to next generation. For their happiness is the uttermost goal for us to achieve. They give us a purpose, not only to be survived in an intensely competitive market, but to be stronger as well.

Even our company just have founded for only 4 years. As freshman in this industry, we focus on quality and designing. Always be ahead of other company.

That′s how we earn our reputation and grow more stronger than ever.

As a gift for us, we have a great team for both sales and R&D.

New concepts and fresh ideas with many passionate young people always be the core components of this company. Our design is based on our life and experience.

With our team-work and vivid imagination, we have developed many popular styles indoor playground, outdoor playground, adventure playground, fitness equipment indoor trampoline, etc. For instance, the pirate ship, the forest, the sweet candy, the adventure playground, etc.

As a team, we work as one, live as one. With same goal and purpose, we offer our customer the best service.

For design, no matter how hard it could be, as long as customer needed, we always keep our promise.

No delay for work is our motto.

Efficiency is our best friend of work. Time is precious, as we value our life.

Upcoming future, if there has any chance you may or may not do business with us.

Hopefully, we can have the same value or purpose to make the world a better place for both present and future of our deeply loved children.
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